Bela Kids Bath Bomb Gravity Sidekick Display - Prefilled with 84 Bath Bombs

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1 unit
Profit Margin:
30% and up

Bela Kids Fizzy Fun Bath Bombs - Gravity Sidekick Display - 84 Piece Prefilled Display

Gravity display includes merchandiser and 14 of each of the following Bela Kids Fizzy Fun Bath Bomb scents:

Bubble Gum

Cotton Candy 

Sour Apple

Grape Soda

Orange Creamsicle


MSRP is $2.99 ($251.16 retail value) per bath bomb with 30%+ profit margin depending on the quantity of displays ordered.

Available for purchase by the individual 84pc prefilled Bela Kids Gravity Sidekick Display.

Weight and dimensions are based on the complete display and 84 Bela Kids Fizzy Fun Bath Bombs

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