Bela-Flute Incense Assortment Counter Display Option 2

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Minimum Purchase:
300 units
MSRP Each:
Profit Margin Range:
54% - 66%

Bela-Flute 8 Count Incense Counter Display

Includes Bela-Flute Incense

  • Kit includes 25, 8ct boxes of each fragrance 
  • Premium quality oils used to provide incredible, long-lasting fragrance
  • Premium charcoal burns clean, white smoke
  • Phenomenal value
  • Great variety of fragrances
Nutmeg Rosemary   
Pure House    Sunflower
Anti-Stress White Musk  
Tangerine  Clove Cinnamon  
White Rose   Strawberry Champagne   
Jasmine Honey    Cherry Almond

MSRP is $0.59 per 8ct box with profit margins ranging from 54% - 66%, depending on the quantity ordered.

Available for purchase by the 300, 8ct full kit.

Retail price is based on the individual 8ct. box.

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